Easy On The Eyes

Have you ever seen a photo of something or someone and found it so pleasing and just claiming to look at? Or there is something about the photo that you are just randomly drawn to? Me too! Another one of the weird things that goes on, inside my head. Below are just some photos that I have either found on Pinterest or some of my own that I think are so nice and pretty to look at and make me feel happy, not too sure how that all works…enjoy! XOXO


India Hicks

Recently I have become an ambassador for a beautiful company called India Hicks, familiar  or not, you will have as much love, if not more than I do. The company is created by the wonderful India Hicks herself, the attention to detail that she has managed to put into the company as well as each product, is outstanding and makes it very distinctive, among a sea of other small designers. While hosting my first “Get Together”, I was able to finally see and play with all the products that I now sell; I’m a very picky person when it comes to handbags, let alone jewelry. You just want you wear every handbag, wrap around in every scarf, lather on all the perfume and lotion you can, while simultaneously adorning yourself with all of the fun jewels. Below I have included some  photos from that day, so my readers can get a viewing of the exclusive, lifestyle brand by India Hicks.

Shop at my website http://www.indiahicks.com/rep/ivybowne



Flat Stanley Pouch (Heritage)


The Baby Duchess (Heritage)


The Duchess Of Windsor


The Duchess of Windsor


The Insider (Stingray)


Top: The Carmen Clutch (Bridesmaid Ivory) Bottom: The Flat Stanley Pouch (Bridesmaid Ivory)


The Siren Scarf (Flamingo Orange/ Stone)


The Crown Imperial Scarf (Poppy Red)


Traveler’s Palm Scarf (Green)


Indi Tokens


Pink Necklace: Free Spirit (Himalayan Pink) Blue Necklace: No Hassle Tassel ( Cloud/Pale Grey)


India Hicks Hardcover Book “Island Style”





India Hicks Hardcover Book “Island Style”





THE Jacket

The start of a new journey and something I have wanted to do for so long, is finally coming to play. For awhile now I have wanted to create one of a kind jackets that are like wearable art. To me that is one of the coolest things about fashion; it is wearable art, (depending on the designer). Either way I wanted to share the process of me creating this jacket. So photo by photo I have been documenting each thing that I add onto this jacket. Enjoy!

First Step: was to remove that dark original color that the jacket came in.

IMG_3230Don’t mind my computer, salad or my feet :)

Second Step: Hand beading

IMG_3249IMG_3250(and the strawberries, it’s a working studio what do you want from me)


the beads you see on there aren’t an appliqué or anything lame like that, they are strung on two at a time and sewn through twice with a needle and my own two hands, caveman style, nothing fancy yet.

IMG_3353IMG_3354The photo above featuring the Dell laptop as maybe already taken a good six hours, give or take.

IMG_3359IMG_3382.JPGAs one can see after the first “layer of beads” is all secured down I started on the second “layer” which is starting to get more spread out to create a falling crystals effect.

IMG_3384.JPGIMG_3388.JPGThen to top it all off Third and final step for the collar. Creating the look mentioned before. In love with the way this all came out. Concluding this one embellishment with around 12 hours or so of hand stitching on glass seed beads. Well worth the time. More posts to come including the process of that jacket.

Skies Of Change

 –    MARCH 2016    –

To me one of the most amazing things is the way the sky is painted with tons of different colors everyday. Each day I take a minute or two to look at the sky and appreciate the world around me and how beautiful it is, as corny as it all is. These are from a series I am personally doing, where every day or so for a whole month I will take photos of the sky to document the changes, if any.


Keeping it Black n’ White


Had a fun morning with my girl Jelly, aspiring photographer in the making, so proud of her accomplishments and everything she’s done, love her and her crazy personality. Follow her on insta: @jellyigs.photography and email for business inquiries: jellyglesia@gmail.com


Donatella Versace?

When in Italy anything goes. You really never know what to expect to see or WHO you’re going to see. A friend of mine that attends college there has seen Justin Beiber in one of the clubs just, freaking hanging out. Anyway when I was there with my family I swear to God I saw Donatella Versace herself. In The Flesh. I mean it was either her or some hot item with her sugar daddy if you know what I mean. Either way I thought it was worthy enough to make my family take a photo just to have documentation of her.

Anyway I was sitting there enjoying so badd-ass Italian desserts when I saw her and actually thought it was Donatella. Being the ass I am, I eavesdropped on their convo; the waiter and her sugar daddy were talking. It went something like him asking her what she would like, sugar papa listing all the restaurants entrees and her just shaking her head, and pushing her hair back with her nude gel cat nails. I. Was. Dying. I mean I did warn most of my followers that i am not a perfect person and sometimes I take humor in others. Either way she was just working it! like no one I have ever seen before. with the long bleached hair, the sweater vest, the skin tight mini skirt and (you can’t really see) but the oh-so-fab 7 inch louboutins that were so glossy you could go blind. After realizing that it wasn’t her I just had to take a photo to capture that wonderful moment.

Im honestly not even going to go into her lips, ill let the photos show it all.

Below are some images that I snapped from this confusing yet hilarious experience. Enjoy kids ;)


Left to right: my bother Bergen, My wonderful mother who looks so deeply amused with what is going on in the background, “sugar daddy”, Donatella, and my Stepdad.


Screen Shot 2015-11-27 at 12.49.55 PM


Screen Shot 2015-11-27 at 2.29.03 PM


The queen herself

Screen Shot 2015-11-27 at 2.36.29 PM



Sketch Book Dreams

For the longest time I have kept a sketch book with all of my designing ideas. Each page filled with ideas and inspirations for swimwear lines (of all of the things I could make!). I haven’t payed much attention to those pages, sketching out these ideas was just a pastime I did while watching TV. I thought that it would be cool to share a few pages of my sketch books. As you will see, yes I “stole” the Pantone paint chips from home depot, technically they are free I just took way more than the human amount ;). Enjoy!





Who Doesn’t Love The VS Fashion Show?

Every year right around the holidays the famous and spectacular Victoria’s Secret Fashion show is aired on December 8th on CBS. Every year I swear I look forward to this show… *correction* insane production, more than Christmas. Because to be honest it is so goddamn cool. I am a girl,but I love watching this show because it makes me want to be like them, I mean who wouldn’t?! They are the top of the top supermodels in the WORLD. That’s insane. Of course I follow about half of them on Instagram so I basically know them all personally ;). Each look given to the models is just as elaborate as the next. I just eat this stuff up its like my dream to either be a model for VS or just work within the production of the annual runway. I just never seem to wrap my head around the looks that the designers and artisans seem to come up with. Each look is stunning and is every girly girls dream. I mean come on!

Below I decided to show some of my favorite looks from this year because why the hell not. Enjoy loveys!







Bug Repellant

The other night, my mom, my brother Bergen (a chef) and I were all hanging out sitting on our front porch. As a prerequisite for this story you must understand that the “chef life” is difficult, stressful and it leaves you high-strung. Sometimes to compensate for that extremely stressful and busy lifestyle sometimes chefs smoke cigarettes. In which my mom is not impressed and freaks out when ever Bergen smokes. Anyways, back to the story; the other night we were all on the front porch and Bergen pulls out a black and mild, and starts smoking. My mom looks over and almost has a heart attack. She starts yelling at him and tells him to put it out. Oh and P.S. My mom is not a very good at being angry towards us, so when she yells at us she’s usually smiling, and then laughs, and then forgets why she’s all worked up. Sooooo now with that being said; Bergen didn’t want to put out the cigarette so he starts saying that he was only smoking because its “such a good bug repellent” and “we are a very european family”. Preceding this little verbal disagreement, my mom takes it out of his mouth and take the filtered side and sticks in a pot with flowers, and goes, “Bergen you can’t smoke that, it’ll last longer as a bug repellant”. Stunned, he just looks at her and just cracks up laughing. Saying you are one of a kind mom I love you. Standing here watching it all I’m doubled over laughing. I managed to snap a few photos of this event,posted below.